Buenos Aires: Course Structure

Immersive Spanish Language Experience

The goal at BAse is to help you learn Spanish while enjoying the process. We design group classes according to the level and interests of each student. Group lessons are always among students who have the same level, interests, and/or goals. We don’t mix people to save costs, the way we make it worth it for us is by you having a good experience and recommending us to others.Spanish lessons are intensive. Bearing in mind that students in Argentina are already immersed in Spanish 24/7, we take advantage of the language you bring from the outside into the classroom. You will learn and apply all you hear and see in your everyday life. There is no need to force any situation inside a classroom but naturally bring the real world into it.

Lessons are organized according to the goals of each student and their needs. We encourage dialog, you will always have the chance to read and listen outside the classroom, this is the place for you to speak. We use specific material suited for your level including videos, games, audio and other activities that will help you loosen up and not be shy using Spanish.

Class Times

You can take this course for as long as you need, depending on your goals and the time you will stay in Buenos Aires. Lessons are 2 hours long. You can choose between 6, 10 or 20 hours per week (4 hours a day are taught by slots of two in separate classes during the day). We strongly discourage taking more than 4 hours a day and/or taking 4-hour long classes. You’d hate it and you’d hate us!

  • Three times a week (6 hours): usd 130
  • Five times a week (10 hours): usd 150
  • Five times a week (20 hours): usd 250


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