Buenos Aires: Prices and Activities

Classes at BAse Institute are sold in packages. Students can learn individually or in a group, with the following prices:


Once a week (1 hour) Twice a week (2 hours)  Three times a week (6 hours) Five times a week (10 hours) Five times a week (20 hours)
Spanish (individual)  $35  $65  $180  $200  —
 Spanish (group)  —  —  $130  $150  $250


BAse offers a variety of fun activities, including:

  • Game night
  • Speed speaking
  • Tango classes
  • Asado (a popular rooftop gathering with a big barbecue, Argentinean wine and the sunny sky of Buenos Aires)
  • Market day
  • Movie night
  • Professional visits

BAse doesn’t offer student lodging through the school, but will refer you to great places to stay nearby!


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