Spanish Institute of Cuenca: Course Structure

Spanish Institute of Cuenca offers private classes and group classes with a maximum of 3 students.

Our standard package is 20 hours of class per week, with 4  hours of class per day for 5 days. The schedule can be customized by your preference.

Included in your package of classes are:

  •       4 hours of Spanish classes daily (this may include excursions if desired)
  •       Culture and history lessons
  •       Weekly salsa lesson
  •       Weekly cooking class
  •       Weekly conversation club
  •       Bi-weekly yoga classes (additional $5 for each session)
  •       Internet
  •       Airport pick-up
  •       Afternoon excursions to important and historical places in Cuenca (as part of the 4 hour/day package)
  •       Weekend excursions outside of Cuenca (Additional costs)
  •       Information about what to do in and around Cuenca
  •       Information about additional accommodations such as hotels, hostels, and apartments