Isabel Enright

Adult and Kids Teacher

I discovered my love and passion for teaching Spanish as a second language in 1995 when I worked for BVSD elementary schools and since then I have enjoyed the opportunity to share my native language and culture while planting the seed for joy with all my students. In January 2014, I started a new chapter in my teaching career, when I was also offered to teach adults classes, and now I am fascinated with the  experience each group offers.
I came to this country from my native Mexico City in 1994 and I became a Naturalized US citizen in 2008.
I love learning about different countries , their music , food and culture. I enjoy dancing, watching international films and zumba but most of all I love to spend time with my family.

Holden Lee

Adult and Kids Teacher 

As an avid learner of languages, what greater joy can I have than sharing what I learn with others? My desire to teach sprouts from this and has grown into me working with people of all ages and walks of life. I enjoy adults because we can discuss the more philosophic side of language and culture, but I also love working with kids because of their ingenuity, creativity and spontaneity with the language. Being a non-native speaker facilitates my relationships with students because I understand where they are coming from, and can show them the tricks I used to figure out the language.

In my adult classes, I use music videos, bits of easy reading, real-life materials (i.e news articles, Youtube cooking videos ect.), to supplement what is presented in the book so as to provide a more holistic image of the spanish language. We go over different types of “language” as well, from business to kitchen to causal talk.

In my kids’ classes, I incorporate songs, crafts, and games to make sure the they are always engaged and having fun.

Nicole Shockey

Adult Teacher 

Nicole is originally from Santiago, Chile and has lived in Boulder for the last couple years. She is a Chef of French and International cuisines, and specialized pastries. She studied in Ecole Culinaire Francaise in both Chile and France. She discovered her passion for teaching Spanish almost two years ago,after coming to Boulder and now immensely enjoys sharing and teaching her first language to others. She enjoys preparing customized lessons and is always is looking to create fun and interactive classes. Also she loves to travel abroad, hike, and meet new people and experience different cultures. She is a patient and friendly teacher dedicated to helping students overcome barriers in their Spanish and feel comfortable communicating fluently.


Ann Aderman

Adult Teacher 

I earned a B.A from the University of Connecticut in Secondary School Education with majors in German and English. I have and M.A in German and PH.D in Secondary School Administration from the University of Colorado. I lived in Guadalajara, Mexico for a year and took spanish classes at the Universidad Autonomo de Guadalajara. After returning to Boulder, I studied Spanish at CU while I finished my Ma and PH.D.

I continues taking college Spanish classes after completing my degrees. As part of a graduate course on the history, architecture, and culture of Spain, i spent five weeks in Spain and Portugal with my classmates and professors learning about Spain firsthand. I have also traveled to Costa Rica and have returned for travel in Spain and Mexico.

In 1979 I began a full time teaching career with Boulder Valley Schools. I taught Spanish at Louisville Middle School, and Fairview High School. I retired from Boulder Valley Schools in 2003.

I’ve missed teaching spanish and happily and enthusiastically rejoined the teaching world at the spanish Language Institute in the summer of 2016. The return to teaching this summer has reinforced my love of teaching Spanish. I thoroughly enjoy teaching adult classes .

Aside from teaching, I enjoy Jazzercise and training/playing agility with my two golden retrievers.