Valencia: Course Structure

Study Spanish Abroad Valencia Spain Course StructureThrough classes, students will be able to improve their command of Spanish language, particularly their writing, listening, reading and communication skills. All selected class themes are designed to convey the reality of Spanish life, bringing students closer to the language and culture through the use of texts and different audiovisual materials. We teach general Spanish courses according to CEFR: levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2; custom student-requested courses; and Spanish for specific career paths.

Course Structures:

In-person general courses: from 3 to 25 hours per week

Spanish for specific purposes (career-oriented): 20 hours per week

  • Spanish for tourism
  • Spanish for Managerial skillsStudy Spanish Abroad Valencia Spain Course Structure
  • Spanish for Social skills
  • Spanish for civil service
  • Spanish for sales
  • Spanish for customer service
  • Quality service
  • Spanish for HR
  • Spanish for business and finance
  • Spanish for lawyers
  • Spanish for health professionals
  • Spanish for civil society organizations

Blended course: depends on students and student requests.

Each course concludes with a written test.

Depending on the client’s needs we are able to offer courses in specific skills, such as negotiation and public speaking.

In these cases, we ask for students to give us the following information:

1. Career or skills you want the course to focus on

2. Course goals

3. Course duration (in hours)

4. Number of students who will take the course

Total costs, extracurricular activities or accommodation concerning these custom courses will be negotiated before the start of the course!


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