Our Kids Curriculum

Primeros Pasos Mi Mundo Espanol 1AWorking with kids has kept us motivated to bring new and fun ways to learn Spanish.

We are happy to announce our fully developed curriculum! All of our kids around the Boulder Valley Area are now learning Spanish in 8 different levels filled with fun and interactive activities.

Primeros Pasos is the name of the curriculum Spanish Institute offers to Elementary schools around Boulder Valley area. “Mi Mundo: Español 1A” and “Mi Mundo 1B” are design for younger kids being introduced to the Language from Kindergarden through 1st grade. As the we move on to older kids, we introduce “Mi Mundo: Español 2A” and “Mi Mundo: Español 2B” these levels are mostly for kids who are continuing from previous levels completed and its aimed for 2nd-5th graders.

The last levels, “Vamonos de Viaje: Español 3A”, “La salud y Yo: Español 3B”, “Explarando el Planeta Tierra: Español 4A”, and “El Espacio: Español 4B”. Are the levels for kids who are more advanced and can dominate the language those levels are design to help kids recognize similar words in a more fun and creative way.

You can purchase the Kids Workbook and Teacher’s Guide through our Web Store.