Kids Teachers

Lucia Gastaldi

Adult and Kids Teacher

Lucia is one of our most vibrant energetic teachers at the Spanish Institute. She believes in making her classes fun and interactive. Lucia is responsible for developing our teacher’s guides for our beginner and intermediate courses. She grew up in Mexico City, where she received an associate degree in teaching English at the Universisty of Nezahualcoyotl as an English teacher. She has taught English and Spanish to adults and kids in both Mexico and the U.S.


Isabel Enright

Adult and Kids Teacher

Isabel discovered her love and passion for teaching Spanish to children in 1995, when she started teaching with BVSD elementary schools. She has tremendously enjoyed the opportunity to share her native language and culture with all of her students. Isabel believes that learning a language should be fun; before they know it, both adults and children alike are speaking and singing in Spanish. She likes to plant the seed of joy for languages. Isabel came to the U.S. in 1994 and loves to spend her free time with her husband Jerry, and her two children who are bilingual. She became a naturalized US citizen in 2008. Isabel enjoys listening to all types of music, and watching and participating in dances from all over the world. She also likes scrapbooking and Jazzercise, but most of all she loves spending time with all of her family in Mexico. For more on Isabel, read her interview on our blog here.